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"A Little About Us"

by  Rachel Hinegardner

Bill has had a lifelong interest in all things gun-related and in accuracy in marksmanship, but began shooting rimfire just five years ago. Bill was fortunate enough to become friends with world class shooter Harry Deneen who shared his great love of the sport and has been an incredible teacher as well. Harry passed on his unbelievable passion for rimfire shooting to Bill, who now lives and breathes the sport.

A Virginia native, Bill has made his career in metal work, fabricating and welding. Last year he joined forces with DiOrio Manufacturing in order to further his knowledge of machining.

Bill and Rachel have two elementary aged children and a grown son. When Bill is not working or shooting, he is either thinking about shooting or dreaming about shooting.

About the Turbo:

 The Turbo Action was originally designed by Flash Ebert, It has always been known as an extremely well engineered and accurate action. Flash's Turbo Mark V set more world records than any other rimfire action in history. Bill became very interested in the Turbo after shooting several very good guns built on the action, and decided to continue to manufacture the turbo after Flash's passing in 2011. Almost immediately after making the decision to pursue production of the Turbo, Bill began considering whether there were ways to make the action even better and what they might be.
After a year of experimentation, engineering, and programming, the Turbo V-1 is now out of the experimental phase and moving into full production. Our thanks to Bill Calfee for suggesting some of the exciting improvements and for his valuable input in this project.
The Turbo V-1 is being manufactured by DiOrio Manufacturing in Harrisonburg, VA. The manufacturing phase is being directed by Anthony DiOrio, who brings to the table thirty years experience in precision machining at very close tolerances and great dedication to quality craftsmanship in every project he undertakes.