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The New Turbo V-1 is the Rimfire Action for the Future

In Oct 2012 we begin shipping out the first lot of our Turbo V-1 actions to our customers which is exciting for us to say the least.
We have spent the last year improving and testing our design and feel confident the Turbo V-1 will exceed our customers’ expectations. Our goal, from the onset, was to take Mr. Ebert’s design, improve it and offer a product that raises the bar in rim fire accuracy. All Turbo V-1 actions are manufactured to the highest quality standards to assure no dimensional variations exist from one production lot to another!

Gone are the days requiring blue printing of a new Turbo and the necessity to send your action along to a gunsmith to have a barrel installed. Our Machining Standards are so tight that all the gunsmith has to do is fit a barrel to any V-1 action - test it and send you the barrel  to install on your V-1 Action. 
Forget Headspace and Extractor lineup - any barrel properly fitted to any Turbo V-1 action can be easily swapped to another Turbo V-1.
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